Top 2 Currencies in War Robots

Top 2 Currencies in War Robots

war-robotsAre you a die-hard fan of Walking War Robots? If you aren’t yet, well, you’ll soon be! The video game boasts of its third-person shooter play with real-time Player Vs. Player (PvP) battles in Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) mode.

In this game, there are six kinds of currency: gold (Au),  silver (Ag), workshop points (WP), influence points (IP), robot components, and event tokens. But today, we’ll dig into the first two. Get it? Digging into gold and silver? (Wink Wink)

The Golden Treasure

Gold is challenging to acquire. It’s crucial when you need to unlock hangar slots. Gold can be used to buy particular items and robots too, which are usually in-demand. It can also be used to purchase more WP and accelerate upgrade time.

Each player receives 50 Gold every time he levels up. The currency can also be earned by winning medals during battles. So, if you’re on the victorious team, you’ll get four medals and so will your other teammates. If you capture the most beacons, a Medal of Capture will reward you 5 gold. The Medal of Value rewards 5 gold for the first place, 3 gold for the second placer, and 1 gold for the third placer. You could also platoon with friends or a clan and get 3 gold for the first 3 wins with your squadmates.

Two missions are assigned daily which give gold or WP when you complete them.


You could also purchase additional gold with real cash. 14,000 pieces of gold costs $99.99, 6,500 for $49.99, 2,500 for $19.99, 1,200 gold for $9.99, and 500 pieces of gold is worth $4.99.

The Silver Lining

On the other hand, this currency is the opposite of gold—it can easily be obtained. However, silver would be the most essential currency later in the game since the costs to upgrade your bots and weapons are enormous.

More than half of the robot types and almost all the equipment needs silver. It’s the only currency you can use to upgrade items and robots to higher levels, so you’ll need to collect a lot.


A player can get silver during battles by having the most total damage inflicted on your enemies. You could also earn silver depending on the number of beacons you’ve capped, the number of robots you’ve destroyed, and the number of critical hits (the shots which slow down the movement of the robot or destroy weapons). Winning a match will also give you 50% bonus. In addition, the first three wins of the day will grant extra 30,000 silver to the gamer.

Unlike gold, you can’t purchase the silver currency with real money. However, you can use gold to buy more silver. 50,000 silver can be bought with 18,500 gold, 15,000 for 5,600 gold, 5,000 for 2,000 gold, 1,500 for 650 gold, and 500 silver can be bought with 250 gold. By the way, it’s worth noting that you can receive more silver for each match if you buy Premium.