New Artists to Watch Out For

New Artists to Watch Out For

Dan Owen

This charming right here deserves your attention. His huge male voice doesn’t match his cute face but sounds so good. Dan is not only talented but also a down-to-earth young man. He traveled England, Scotland, Germany and Holland to perform. There’s more to see from him this year.


Her album Zanaka was a big hit in France and was rated as Top 5 most downloaded album. She proves that independent woman like her can cross channels around the world. She compose songs about realities of the world today and caught attention of Jaden Smith who featured her songs over 100 countries over internet radio.

The Away Days

Here’s another band to watch out for. These four gorgeous males was inspired by different pop music, a touch of Indian music, and contemporary songs. This proming band will be traveling abroad to promote their music. Who knows they might be the next Cold play.

Joseph Cook

A young starter, yet daring pop singer Joseph cook started his career by uploading videos on youtube. His potential was realized by Atlantic Records and offered him recording contract. This 19-year-old singer writes his own songs and discusses the worries most people are facing today. We find his songs inspiring and realistic.

Louis Berry

He might look like a boy but he doesn’t think like one. Did you know that professional composers are already comparing him to the legends we know like Alex Turner and Johnny Cash. He was inspired by his own rough childhood. And he wants to pour out his anger, pain, and lessons learned through his songs. Hope we could see more of him and may he reach his dream to be the biggest male artist on earth.

Miya Folick

She used to train as an actor but this gal shifted to music and rocked it. Her album Pet Body, impressed critics. This girl is fierce and she looks like a model who designers will fall in love quickly. No wonder that one day, she’ll be hitting MTV. Her songs empowers women and encourage them not be afraid to be different and daring. What’s next for her? She will be writing her new songs and focus on her music. We’ll be waiting Miya, so take your time.

Princess Nokia

A New Yorker girl who can set the fire on stage. Her soulful hip hop style can make anyone head bang to her songs. This woman is strong and unique, the qualities that sets her apart from other artist. Her tracks are always hot and shows a lot of culture. She’s sexy but not showy which is why we love her.