Feat Fans Club

Listening to music

Who are we?

Do you love music like we do? Yes, we are music lovers and we are dynamic with our music. Why support one artist when you can support many. There are many great music out there. On this website, we’ll recommend you wonderful songs from collaboration of different artists. That is why we call ourselves the Feat Fans club.

Where do we get our songs? And why pay for music downloads when you can do it for free?

There are sources offers free downloads of music for free. Don’t worry it’s perfectly legal. But if you want to support the artist you love, off course, you’ll have to buy their songs or albums. But if you like free stuff, then go ahead and visit these sites and find your favorite songs.

sound cloud

SoundCloud is the home of professional artists and independent musicians. It’s legal because SoundCloud meant to share music so more people can have access to songs and the songs you can find here are directly uploaded by the musician themselves. We would like to appreciate all those artists for their generosity in sharing their music. In return Feat Fans Club support them all the way.

vimeo logo

Like you youtube, vimeo is a streaming video website. The great thing about vimeo is it lets you dowload music found under their creative commons license. All you have to do is to create an account and it let’s you download the music for free. There are paid songs download there too, and if you don’t want to pay, simply adjust the advance filters to only free music.



Musopen let’s you download music per category. Most of the songs or recording you can view here are classical. Musopen wants to preserve the classic music and let people go back in time and appreciate the artists who gone before us. So if classic is one of your thing, Musopen website is your place to be.