9 Things Avid K-Pop Fans Do

9 Things Avid K-Pop Fans Do

KPOP World Festival

Unless you have been living under the rock, you may have heard of Korean pop music or K-pop for short at least once on the news or from an avid fan. Fan or not, you may have also listened to some of the most popular K-pol songs like Psy’s Gangnam Style which for almost five years was YouTube’s most viewed clip. And if you are a fan, you probably have a bucket list of K-pop related things you want to do before you die. Whether it is working out with some Kpop workout songs or traveling to Korea to see your favorite band perform, here are just some of the things every K-pop lover should do at least once.

1. Read every article and watch every video you can find online just to see more of your favorite idols.

2. Watch a concert, either in your country our abroad, alone or with your equally K-pop obsessed friends.

3. Follow every Korean drama where your favorite idols appeared.

4. Wait outside the office buildings of entertainment labels or agencies for hours just to catch a glimpse of the music celebrities you like.

5. Travel to Korea and visit places where you might encounter or get a glimpse of the elusive and extremely popular K-pop artists that you love.

6. Fly to another city or country to attend a fan meet-up.

7. Send emails and gifts to an idol or group.

8. Buy products of a brand that your that your favorite idols have promoted.

9. Stay up to date with the latest news and updates about the K-pop idols you like.